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I have done lot of different kinds of design work over my career, from UX to print design, across an equally wide range of markets. I'm currently the Director of Product Design and UX for Securonix, a leader in the SIEM and UEBA space. As you might expect, that alone keeps me pretty busy and there is not a lot of it I can share on this site. I used to do freelance book projects, promotional work, branding and identity, and other projects that I have an interest in and can fit in my schedule. Currently, my schedule is quite full with family time and training for a triathlon here and there, so I am no longer accepting any freelance work.

For more up to date and in depth UX case studies, please send me an email.

Books I'm in

Graphis 2015 Poster Annual
In-House Design In Practice
SPD 42
The Art of Creative Production
IdN v14n3

I have done work for American Airlines, Neiman Marcus, Toyota, The Image Bank, Honda, McIntosh, Michael’s, Nokia, Sally Beauty, Subaru, Ericsson, Brinker International, Frito Lay, Hyundai, Alliance Data Systems, Club Corp, Jimmy Crystal, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, UNT press, Verizon, Communicare (now Pulsara), 24 Hour Fitness, TI, and a variety of associations and non-profits.

How I work

Inside my head...

I think the best book I ever read on UX was Ogilvy on Advertising. If you abstract the agency shop talk you get the core of what made David Ogilvy successful: Research it, build it, then test it. Repeat.

Research it.

Know your audience, and understand how they view the brand and the product. Find out their pain points, and solve them.

Build it.

Go Agile. Release early and often. Focus on making products you can release, not documentation.

Test it.

Use it. Get your friends to use it. Spend the time and money for testing, it's worth it. Then learn from it, and go back to step 1.


Li'l ol' me.

I specialize in UX and UI design (if you think those two are the same, then...) for mobile apps, connected vehicles, websites large and small, design and production of high quality illustrated and trade books, magazine editorial design, and a wide range of collateral materials. Combining decades of experience in design and production means I can deliver award-winning work on time and on budget while meeting, and in most cases exceeding marketing goals and objectives. Awards are nice (really nice), but moving the needle is better.

I was chosen as one of GD USA magazine's People to Watch in 2012. My work has been recognized for design excellence by Graphis, HOW Books and Rotovision, The Society of Publication Designers, Rockport Publishing, IdN Magazine, multiple W3 awards, muliple Communicator awards, multiple GD USA magazine award annuals, more than a few ADDYs, DSVC show, Create Magazine and many others. I am also a judge for global, national, and regional design work in print, interactive and motion, including the Customer Centricity CX Awards, ADDYs, Communicator, Davey, and W3 web awards, and others.

I have a B.A. in Communication/Advertising from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am a professional member of the AIGA, and served as AIGA DFW chapter president from 2009-2011. I am also a member of the Art Directors Club. I am a mentor on ADPList as well.

  • Jimmy Ball
    Creative Director/Principal

    Jimmy Ball is an award winning Design Leader, Creative Director, Designer and Photographer with experience in a wide range of projects in mobile, digital and print.
    He’s currently Director of Product Design and UX and Design for Securonix.


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